Swedish Massage

A popular, full body massage technique which uses medium pressure to relieve tension and creates a heightened sense of well-being.

Tandem Massage

Two professionally trained therapist artfully blend massage techniques in synchronicity to perform the most effectively relaxing massage on one...

Massage with Chinese Cupping Glass

Is used in anticellulite treatments. It stimulates the flow of blood and lymphs, what in turn facilitates the detoxification.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Chocolate contains natural antioxidants. It stimulates secretion of endorphins (so called hormones of happiness) and as such prevents...

Hot Stone Therapy

combines the benefits of thermotherapy, draining, accupressure, aromatherapy and classic massage.

Candle Massage

Candle Massage is a relaxation massage during which the masseuse applies to skin warm wax from a professional massage candle.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is ideal o people active in sports and strenuous exercise. The therapist can also tend to specific areas such as the lower back or...

Body Cosmetic treatments

CHOCOLATE DELIGHT Sliming and relaxing body treatment This treatment stimulates reduction of fat tissue, improves micro-circulation, as well as...